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Blog posts on blog posts on blog posts!

This year, our school has 3 school-wide goals.  Here’s the 3rd goal: This year, as a district, we will be focusing on two of the eight science and engineering practices from the Conceptual Framework of the Next Generation Science Standards: … Continue reading

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Tic Tac Boum

This morning I had to drive my husband to work, and I thought it was going to totally throw off my plans.  Usually I arrive at school at least an hour before the first bell because I do my best … Continue reading

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La Rentrée 2015-2016

Another school year! Like many foreign language teachers, I’m teaching many levels this year.  Luckily, I have teachers around me who are open and willing to share, whether it be other languages teachers at my school or the other high … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Seniors!

Félicitations!!!!  Congratulations, Seniors! This group of girls have been with my since my very first day at Hoover High School.  They were all just freshman students in French 1.  Most of them were planning to only take two years of … Continue reading

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Spring Fling 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  When this happens, I usually post something fun and silly just to get back into the flow of blogging.  Here are some silly pictures from Spring Fling 2015. TACKY DAY- This is typically … Continue reading

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September Class Photo Challenge

Septembre en Images French teachers, if you haven’t requested to join the Facebook group “French Teachers in the US,” you should!  It’s where I got this wonderful idea to do a class photo-a-day challenge. I’m having my students email their … Continue reading

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Tuez la Tortue!

It’s a good day when my students look like this during class!  We went super low-tech last week for our review of present tense verb conjugations with the best review game ever: Tuez la Tortue. I wish I could take … Continue reading

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