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Jusqu’à la dernière cloche #lastbell

It is crunch time!  Just a few more weeks until the official #lastbell of the 2015-2016 année scolaire. I mostly teach upper level French classes, including AP French Language and Culture and IB French B Standard Level, so our last … Continue reading

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Vocabulary’s CODE

When my students first learn they will be reading a novel written all in French, they at first feel very overwhelmed.  Luckily, I’ve been talking this book up since they very first day of school in August, so even though … Continue reading

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I love my school district because they agreed that the whole system’s  foreign language department would benefit from finding out what our Clifton Strengths are and discussing how we can use these strengths to better our department and classrooms. Here … Continue reading

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Magnet Messages

                    Lots of teachers at our school have small children who sometimes come up to the school, so I like to keep things in my classroom and on my desk in … Continue reading

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Web Annotations

DMR here!  I am taking one more graduate course at UAB to satisfy some certification requirements, and I thought I’d share some of my homework with you.  We are writing web annotations: finding websites that we like and writing about … Continue reading

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