I love my school district because they agreed that the whole system’s  foreign language department would benefit from finding out what our Clifton Strengths are and discussing how we can use these strengths to better our department and classrooms.

Here are my top 5 strengths:

1. Learner – I totally love school!  I get bored pretty easily and really like to challenge myself by learning something new or digging deeper into my interests. I believe that it’s possible to learn almost anything. Sometimes I like to think I could learn every language if I just tried.

2. Maximizer– This one surprised me! I think this comes out most in my classroom. I teach really really smart kids with different abilities and like to help them get to the next rung. If a kid is right on the cusp of a 5, I really focus on the skills that will be sure to bump them there. It drives me crazy to miss a mark by just one or 2 points.

3.  Strategic– I can sure come up with ideas and a plan to solve a problem. This strength is being put to use this year trying to work out some major problems in the area of CAS in our IB program.

4. Woo– I’m a people person!! I like finding out about others because they have so much to share with me.

5. Achiever– I like to be busy and working on meaningful tasks. I do like lists although most of mine are mental. I love when something gets done and done well.

Almost all of Clifton’s strengths are represented among our faculty.  This is great because there’s always going to be someone who is best fit to handle a problem. For example, I know I can count on Michael’s Belief and Connectedness when I have a sticky problem. He’s rock solid. If he says something is right or wrong, I know it to be the right course of action.

The other positive to our conversation is to talk through the fact that we all have different strengths that are positive in nature. We should remember that when there is conflict or if we seem to not be getting along. If someone is showing a trait that is annoying to me, it is good for me to remember to try to look at that trait as a strength. People are usually trying their best and doing what they think is the right thing. That’s essential to remember when working with others.

Here’s a visualization of our department’s strengths:




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1 Response to StrengthsFinder

  1. I love that yall did this! I did something similar to this with my faculty at another school but we used the Myers Briggs personality test to create the common language. Once we learned more about each other and understood their point of view based on their personality, we had much more empathy and collegiality. As you stated in your post, “People are usually trying their best and doing what they think is the right thing.” I think it’s important to have that point of view and belief in order to maximize effectiveness when working with others. I’m looking forward to seeing how this impacts your department this year! Kudos!

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