Taking your PLN to a New Level

I’ve LOVED connecting with other teachers on Twitter, but in the past few weeks, my PLN has gotten even more helpful.  A group of French teachers from across the country decided to kick it up a notch by connecting via Voxer.  Voxer is a free walkie talkie app that allows you to send pictures, video, text, and sound to an individual or a group.  Naturally, my friend Melinda (who has moved back to Birmingham and is back in the classroom at Oak Mtn High School) named our group “Epic French Teachers.”

In our group, we can bounce ideas off each other in a more in depth way.  When we post on Twitter, we like to share pretty established ideas.  On Voxer, we can work through issues in way more than 140 characters.  For example, I sent the group a picture of all my desks shoved up against the wall and asked them what I should do.  They all responded with what works for them and why.  It gave me great ideas and immediate feedback on how I wanted to set up my classroom.  We discussed first day of school activities that engage the students and get them invested in French.  We’ve also given feedback to one teacher about how she should submit the scope and sequence of her classes to her school.  The best part is getting to speak French with some awesome teachers!  Even though one of us (not me) is a native speaker, we aren’t intimidated- just encouraged to keep practicing with everyone’s support.

It’s not all work though- there’s been a few selfies and cat pics.  And probably most importantly the chance to tell one of our fellow educators we are praying for her son in the Peace Corps who is being evacuated from a pretty sticky situation.

How do you connect deeper with your PLN outside of your school?  What works for you?


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2 Responses to Taking your PLN to a New Level

  1. I’ve recently gotten to be a part of a Voxer group. I don’t understand how to navigate it, but I can record and listen. 🙂 I think a Voxer group for a foreign language class would be hugely beneficial!! Listening and speaking in the language where EVERY student can have a turn… sometimes it’s not a reality in class. But with Voxer it can happen at any time!
    Hang on to Melinda! She will fly with her cape, and you can enjoy the ride!

    • madamedcash says:

      Let me know if you want some help with Voxer! Since iMessage doesn’t work for the students on their iPads at school, I wonder if this might be a good option for them to get in touch with each other better. Like the officers of a club might want to be in the same group or group members on a project.

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