Magnet Messages

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Lots of teachers at our school have small children who sometimes come up to the school, so I like to keep things in my classroom and on my desk in case they come in my room looking for some entertainment.  That’s actually the reason I put the magnetic letters on the side of my desk!  However, my students quickly found them and started rearranging the letters into messages.  The messages started out easy- things like “Bonjour” or “French is Life.”  Sometimes they write something that connects to what we’re learning, and those are my favorites.  I especially love to walk into my room and notice a quote from The Phantom of the Opera or a great class inside joke like “boom shakala” (long story).  Here’s a couple pictures of the messages my students left on the side of my desk.  I always take pictures of them and post them on Instagram too (mmedcash).

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