Bonus (final) student post! THE FOOD! #10

Bon Appetit!

I believe that the food I had over the duration of the trip deserves its own topic. It was something different every day and it was always fantastic. One of my favorite dinners that we had was the lamb after visiting Mont St. Michel. Yeah I know the initial thought is, “What? Lamb? Ew, no way,” but it was so good! What really made it so good is that the lambs were raised eating grass that was saltier than normal because it was closer to sea and that grass gave the lamb a really nice salty flavor. I also really liked that for lunch we were allowed to split up and go wherever we wanted. Probably one of the best lunches I had was when my friends and I went to a creperie. Let me tell you, crepes are the bomb. We each made sure to get a different crepe and all tried a bite of each other’s. My crepe was filled with goat cheese and tomato basil; absolutely fantastic. I can hear you guys now at the mention of goat cheese; goat cheese? Nu uh gross. I’m telling you though goat cheese is one of the most fantabulous things I have ever tasted, hands down. Goat cheese could be a meal all by itself, it’s to die for. Anyways back to the crepes, we also ordered some dessert crepes that day at lunch, which is when we decided crepes are just the best dessert ever. I got the beurre-sucre crepe, which is just butter and sugar; simple but delicious. My friend Jasmine got a crepe which had caramel, vanilla ice cream, caramelized apples; needless to say I got a bite of hers. Another thing we always ended getting up at lunch and sometimes dinner was diablos. Diablos are carbonated water with all kinds of flavoring syrups; you even got to stir it in yourself! I always got strawberry, and by the end of the trip we all had our diablo orders memorized. Another thing that I have to mention is the macaroons; if you go to France you have got to try them. They were chewier than I expected them to be, which is a good thing, and there are so many different flavors! Also you have got to try the Escargot (yep snails) you don’t have to like it but, you have at least got to try them. I actually liked Escargot because they were flavored with Pesto, and I grew up eating Pesto pizza. -Jayde

This is why Jayde rocks- I didn’t ask her to write another post, she came up with this one all on her own!  I must agree with her though because the food was excellent.  I’m really happy with our travel company, World Strides, for hooking us up with great restaurants that really gave us a taste of the local cuisine.  And I’m proud of the kids for taking advantage of their free lunches and trying new stuff even then.

My favorite dessert crepe is the beurre-sucre crepe, too!! So simple and yummy.

THANK YOU, JAYDE!  I’ve enjoyed reading and posting your reflection!  Hope everyone else enjoyed it, too!!

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