Was she homesick? Student Post #9

Don’t Make Me Go Back to America:

Believe me when I say I was NOT homesick. I did not want to leave. I was far from finished exploring France when our time was up and we had to head to the airport. Coming back to America from the beautifully wonderful France was not something I looked forward to. I remember everyone saying, “Oh it’s been wonderful but I just can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. I miss my family. I’m tired of living out of a suitcase. I’m just so tired, I miss home.” I couldn’t believe my ears! That was the exact opposite of how I felt; I could have stayed forever bouncing from hotel to hotel with my one suitcase walking around Paris or Nice or Saint Malo until my toes fell off. I had, and still have, no idea when I’m going back so I wanted to soak it all in and just hide in a closet where no one could find me until they were forced to go to airport without me because they would miss the flight otherwise. I remember waking up that morning we were leaving and I was just so exhausted I could not even function. I sloshed down the hallway to the elevator and kept pressing the button for the third floor and wondering why the elevator wouldn’t move. Well for one the lobby was on the bottom floor and I was already on the third floor, and I just kept pressing 3, not understanding why the doors would not close. After a few minutes I finally figured it out, I think I was just subconsciously trying to stay in the hotel.

During the duration of the nine and a half hour flight I did my best to stay awake by watching tons of movies so that I could lessen my jetlag. At one point I got a leg cramp, and I was in the middle seat with both people on either side of me asleep. I tried twisting and turning and stretching my legs, I bet the person sitting in front of me probably was not too happy with all my movement, and eventually the cramp subsided. I was just absolutely miserable on that flight because after about six hours of movies I was fed up with them and when I tried to fall asleep I just could not get comfortable. Eventually we landed in Atlanta and got onto our bus to head to Spain Park High School, I was still rooting that we head back to France but, everyone else was just so exhausted and ready to get home. I was very excited to see that I had cell service again though after ten days without it, and it was really great to see my family who had waited up until midnight just to see that I made it home alright. -Jayde

I asked Jayde if she experienced any homesickness during our trip- her response? No way, Jose!  She was such a great traveller!  Even I was ready to be home at the end of the trip.  I wish that everyone could have kept up her enthusiasm, including myself!!

Also, I was one of those to sleeping people sitting next to her on the flight…. sorry, Jayde!!!  And I’m really glad you didn’t hide in some closet… your parents would have been pretty mad at me!!


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