Will you go back to France? Student Post #8

When is the Next Flight?

Well of course I’m planning to go back! If I could catch a plane heading there tomorrow I would. It was such a wonderful experience to be able to get away from, well, America. Everything is so much better in France; the food, the tap water, the clothes, and the people (everyone looks like a supermodel), at least that’s what I thought. Also to learn the culture of a different country and be hands-on with it instead of reading about it in books was an unbelievable experience. One thing I could tell you now that is different about dining out is that in France the waiter won’t come take your order until you have closed your menu and also won’t give you the check unless you ask for it because doing otherwise is considered rude. I remember when our tour guide told us that how odd it sounded, because here in America we don’t think twice about our waiter dropping off the check and telling us to have nice day but, in France you have to flag the waiter down and ask for the bill or you will never leave. Even something as simple as that just makes me realize that there is so much more than just our little United States and our Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. There are actually other countries out there that speak different languages and seem like different worlds; which might have never heard of Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, as odd as that might seem.

One of my favorite things which pulls me into going back to France was when you go shopping what you see on the price tag is what you pay, the taxes are already in there, which is much easier than trying to figure the taxes while shopping here. Another thing that draws to me to France, and I guess Europe in general, is all the history, the architecture, and all the monuments. Even just the buildings on the side of the street are works of art in France. Not that I have any definite plans or anything to go back to France but, I know I’m going back one day. Not to be corny or anything but, I’ve just been thinking that if I decided to travel somewhere to get married France would be the perfect place. -Jayde

Despite Jayde’s terrible experience at McDo in France, she still wants to go back!  Why?  Because France is AWESOME!

Really it’s because she was willing to immerse herself in the culture!  Instead of feeling like French waiters are rude because they “never took my order” or “they never gave me the check,” she decided to LEARN the “rules” of dining out in France.  She learned how to act so that SHE was being polite.  When she was acting politely and appropriately according to French custom, the waiters responded in kind!  AMAZING!


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