Describe a negative experience in France… Student Post #7

Our First and Only Trip to McDonald’s:

We only had about two hours for lunch and to explore around the Champs-Élysées, so instead of going to a sit down restaurant which could take up to an hour and a half, our little group decided to go somewhere quick for lunch. We strolled awhile before finding a McDonald’s, shouldn’t be too complicated right? That’s not exactly how it panned out. The McDonald’s was huge; all that I could see was mobs upon mobs of people. Sticking out like little buoys among the sea of crowded bodies were these green kiosks called easy stations. The kiosks had touch screens and allowed you to choose a language, you could order your meal there and pick it up at the easy station counter, which I thought would be much easier than trying to order at the register among the crowds and trying to shout my broken French over all the noise. Well first the machine wouldn’t take my card and it took me three different times for it to finally process. After getting my receipt I got in line to pick up my meal at the counter. I watched as every person in front of me and even a couple behind me got their food. The lady at the counter looked at me pointed to the left, and said “a la caisse.” I thought she was telling me to move over to the left and get out of the way so others could get their orders. She looked at me and said it again, when I just looked her she pointed more forcefully and shouted, “A LA  CAISSE!” At the time I had no clue what she was saying and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just get my food like everyone else but, I got out of the line and was forced among the chaos of  the ten different cash registers.

As I stood confused in the line I saw others that I knew who were on the trip with us heading my way with wide eyes. We talked amongst ourselves confused about how we were forced out of the line to come over here. Eventually we just decided to wait in line at the cash registers and showed the workers our receipts from the easy station. After what seemed like an eternity I got my food but, by the time I found my friends they were all almost finished! I had to practically inhale my food because everyone else was ready to go walk around. That trip to McDonald’s was definitely stressful and probably the only really negative experience I had from the trip. -Jayde

Most everything about our trip was awesome!  However, you can’t be gone for 10 days in a foreign country and have nothing negative happen to you.  I asked Jayde to write about something bad that happened, and I must say that I was surprised to hear that it took place in a McDonald’s!!

I also ate at that McDo that day, but decided to brave the line and talk to a real person rather than try out those new “easy” stations.  Those kiosks were not there in 2008!!! However, I’m proud of Jayde for handling the situation.  She didn’t come running to me to solve her problem  She successfully navigated the situation and ultimately got what she wanted!  Go Jayde!


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