How did your French hold up? Student Post #5

Turns Out I Didn’t Know as Much as I Thought:

I really surprised myself with how much of French I actually did NOT know. I thought oh three years, pfft I got this. I even had these little French phrase books that I was studying while waiting in the airport. In reality I was not actually that prepared. It was pretty shocking the first time that we were allowed to split into different groups for lunch and we completely blanked when the waiter asked us what we wanted to drink in fluent French. I thought I heard the word ‘boire’ which I knew meant to drink but, I just needed a minute to process after hearing fluent-conversational French for the first time ever. He just spoke so quick, I was very surprised being used to the slow formal French I had been hearing for three years at school. Our waiter did speak English thankfully but, we did tell him that we were students and at least wanted to try our French, which we did by ordering in French. After a couple of days I ended surprising even myself when my friends forgot certain things they were going to ask the waiter and I was the one who had to speak for them because there were a lot of places we went to where our waiters did not know English. It felt pretty cool, I must admit, to be able to speak French to a native speaker and they understand me even if it was pretty broken. -Jayde

Even though I was pretty worried about Jayde when I first started reading this post, I was really proud of her progress by the end!  We encouraged the students to try their French even when the French people spoke English to them, and I can’t say how proud I am of Jayde and the others for insisting on practicing their French.  THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO LEARN TO SPEAK FRENCH THAN TO FAIL MISERABLY AND LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.  This post also tells me that we will be focusing on speaking next year in class!!

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