What about France Surprised You? Student Post #4

Watch out! How the Surprises of France Had Potential Danger:

Pedestrians don’t have the right of way, and not only was that surprising; it was terrifying. After the first few minutes and definitely many more times over the trip, it seemed like all the cars were trying to run us over. Our tour guide had to remind us over and over to be careful because the drivers in France actually speed out when someone steps out in front of them rather than slow down. It was just another thing about France that contrasts from American culture. Also the French really take the motto of ‘it happens’ to heart when it comes to car accidents because each person has to pay for their own damage, so it isn’t a huge deal when there is a fender bender or something. When I know that here we would have to pull over to the side of the road, examine the damage, apologize, and exchange insurance information while the French just keep going on with their daily routine.   -Jayde

I asked Jayde to write about some of the cultural differences she noticed while in France.  I think that people take their every day living situations for granted in that we just have this understanding of our culture.  Some people are so used to their culture that they don’t even think they have one!  Jayde realized that there is culture to CROSSING THE STREET!  Who would have thought!  Anytime you are moving in France you need to have your brain all the way on or you might get hit by a car!


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