Documenting the Trip: Student Post #3

The Effort to Capture Every Detail:
Gosh how did I not document the trip? I took hundreds pictures with my camera and my phone. I took a picture of just about every meal; it was a must before I could touch my food and if I forgot to take before I started eating I told everyone to freeze so I could get a picture of someone else’s. I posted multiple pictures on Instagram and Facebook to keep everyone back home updated with what was going on. I also kept a journal while I was abroad. The journal was more like a diary because I tried to write about every experience each day. Just to give an example of things I wrote about here is a passage of what I wrote from my journal on the first night: “Today we finally landed in Nice. The hotel we are staying in is super cute but, it is definitely a culture shock because everything is so tiny! Bathrooms, roads, elevators, and even staircases. Nice is absolutely beautiful. It doesn’t really look French though because of the palm trees everywhere. The buildings look really cool.” -Jayde

I asked Jayde to tell me how she documented her trip- did she journal? use social media?  Turns out, she did a little bit of everything!  I’m glad because I encouraged all of the students to document their trip in some way.  I remember my first trip out of the country… sort of!  I have all of these pictures, but I don’t know what they are of!  I did not want the same to happen to my students.

This was the first time I went to France where posting on social media was easy and constant.  I loved posting pictures to Facebook and Instagram a little bit each day (or when I was in a WiFi zone).  I actually broke down and just bought some international data since WiFi isn’t everywhere like it is here.  Since I’ve been home, my friends have all told me how much they enjoyed seeing pictures from the trip!  I follow some of my students on Instagram, and I love that they are STILL posting pictures from the trip with the hashtag #latergram.

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