Student Post #2… Was France everything she expected?

Did the Experience of France Live Up to the Daydreams?

Honestly I was really only excited for Paris and the Eiffel Tower, I thought that everything else was just going to be extra. I had also thought that I would be speaking pretty good French with lots of people. Boy was I proved wrong. I quickly learned that I was not as good as I thought with speaking French after not understanding when the waiter asked us what we wanted to drink, luckily he spoke English, but it was a wakeup call. Starting in Nice and ending in Paris with everything else in between was fantastic for the overall experience of the trip. Many of my most favorite memories are of things that were not in Paris. Having an entire afternoon of exploring in Nice filled with shopping, ice cream, and relaxing on the pebble beach is one of my favorite things that we got to do. Also a city that I had never heard of called St Malo was just breathtaking. St Malo is a walled in city so small that you could walk across the entire thing in about five minutes, which we did so we could go to the beach. France was not at all what I had expected, it was surprising, confusing, and much less fairytale like than what I had previously thought, but at the same time it was so much better than I could have ever imagined. -Jayde

First, I want to thank Jayde for writing this great post!  The next several posts will be more of her reflection about the trip.

In this post, I love how Jayde realized that there is more to France than just the Eiffel Tower.  Usually, it’s the Eiffel Tower that attracts kids, but it’s everything else that really keeps them in.  France truly is a beautiful country, and each city is so different from the next.  I love that Jayde is able to appreciate them all!  It’s also interesting that she learned pretty quickly that 3 years of French doesn’t necessarily prepare you to communicate without problems with French people.  You’ll see in Jayde’s next posts how she dealt with the language issue!

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