Giving feedback on edmodo

It’s LAP! I am struggling with how I want to use Edmodo and the iPad in regard to giving feedback on students work! For my level 3 class I am going to try putting the feedback directly as a reply to the students post. Although this takes the autonomy out of their work, I think it is a great way to give feedback to all the students so that thy can learn from each other! I am not going to pick apart the grammar but if there are glaring errors I feel that it is important to give feedback so that other students in the class don’t assume that he post is completely correct. I am going to try doing this for now and them if there are problems with this we will address them as we go! I think when we are trying to integrat all of the technology it’s better to try and them regroup versus not not trying at all,, btw, merci DMR for the web critiques! I love! Looking forward to trying the other one!


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