Web Annotations

DMR here!  I am taking one more graduate course at UAB to satisfy some certification requirements, and I thought I’d share some of my homework with you.  We are writing web annotations: finding websites that we like and writing about why we like them, what we find distracting, etc.

Here are my first two to submit for this week’s homework:

Web Annotation 1

 Web Address: http://www.frenchified.com/

Target Audience: Teachers and students of French

Most Useful: I think this site is very useful because it provides current videos, news articles, and other French réalia that are usually created for a French speaking audience.  Since I keep this website on my favorites bar, I like that I can search by recent posts; however, if I want to find something specific, I can also refine my search by category.  One of my favorite categories is cuisine because several cooking videos that are so fun to watch are posted.  I love that every post is very different, but they are all interesting and relevant. 

Biggest Distraction: The only thing about this website that I do not like is that sometimes the videos are inappropriate for school. 

How I Use It:  My students are always asking to learn about French culture, and I love that I can find videos, music, and articles that reflect not only current events, but French and Francophone culture.  It is very important that my IB/AP students be able to understand French accents from all around the world, and on this site I found a video of a man from New Orleans speaking French.  I could also post it in my Edmodo Library for my students to have access to for their own enrichment or for research activities. 

Rating: 5 stars


Web Annotation 2


Web Address: http://1jour1actu.com/


Target Audience: This site is intended for adolescent readers of French.  There is also a teacher’s section.


Most Useful:  This site is incredible because it offers articles and dossiers on all different types of subjects.  I think it is helpful that everything is created for an adolescent audience because they language level is manageable for my students (compared to trying to read something from Le Monde.)  Most of the articles preview important vocabulary and then offer comprehension quizzes at the end.  My AP and IB classes are taught by theme, so I love this site because it has content on all of the themes we cover in class.  It’s easy to search by category, and you can even download the stories to PDFs. 


Biggest Distraction:  Sometimes the comprehension questions are too easy because they are only search and find type questions.  I would like to see more higher-order thinking questions or writing prompts. 


How I Use This Site:  Last year when France was having its presidential election, I printed several articles on the subject and taught a mini unit on French government and the electoral process of France.  It was a great opportunity to get the students reading material intended for a French audience and to get them comparing our system to theirs.  I used one of their articles last year on a final exam too to assess reading comprehension. 


Rating: 5 stars



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