In-house Technology Sessions

Wow! 12 training sessions in 2 days!

As part of our Engaged Learning Initiative, our school offered teacher-led sessions on everything from iPad for Beginners to advanced user classes. I love that we had the opportunity to learn from our colleagues who are learning right along with us.

I loved the first session I attended about how to use Twitter to create a Personal Learning Community. As an avid twitterer, I was very excited about this session. I learned how to create and manage lists. This makes it so much easier to filter content and to more easily read what other French teachers are tweeting. I even found that someone who I follow has started a blog like this one to record her experiences with her school’s 1:1 iPad initiative.

I really want to download the Notability app because students write on PDFs. I think this will be something useful for the students and for me.

One of my office mates did a session on flipped instruction, and she said something that was really important- she said not all lessons can or should be flipped, but to try to flip at least one lesson this semester. She suggested that a good time to do this is when you are introducing a new unit. When I try this I will definitely write a new post on what I did and how it went!

When Chad did his session on creating textbooks, he reminded us that the old definition of textbook no longer applies. Any resource we use in our class is what makes up the textbook for that class. He said we have the ability to create and borrow items that are more relevant to our students and better reflect their needs. I thought this was insightful.

The best thing I learned all day was from Josh, the person in our school who would describe himself as Most Likely to Say Bah humbug. He is not only behind the initiative, but excited about it because our district is respecting every teacher’s starting ability level. The goal from those above us is to incorporate technology into our teaching in such a way that makes our work more efficient. If everyone at least does this, then we have succeeded. Josh encouraged us to NOT try to incorporate every app, bell, and whistle into our everyday routines, but to commit to doing at least one thing that will improve efficiency and do THAT thing very well.

So although I did attend lots of sessions, I don’t feel pressured to apply all of the suggestions into my classroom (or to write about them all either.)

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