New beginnings!

Bonjour! Wow, this is exciting…my first blog post! This is about as informal as it gets but I’m excited about documenting this techno journey! I too teach french at a large high school. I have taught all levels of French and am looking forward to teaching levels 1 and 3 this year. I began exploring on the iPad when the foreign language department at my school purchase 20 iPads for the department to share. We decided as a department to go ahead and issue one to each fl teacher so we could start the using them in the classroom, but this was before the district decided to purchase them for every teacher and student!! I couldn’t believe it!!!! What a huge step for the district!!! Our school has always been willing to try new things but this to me seems like the biggest leap! What a concept for the kids to be able to hold the technology in their hands! I had a very diffiicult teaching year last year. In retrospect, I think a lot of my struggles had to do with technology and that all of the kids wanted to have their phones out at all times so it was a battle I fought. Now I’m thinking that was the problem. The kids were trying to tell us, we have this technology let us use it! So we are!!

I am looking forward to focusing on the students learning and exploration. At first only the seniors will have the iPads, so that may cause some roadblocks but after my experience last year, I think many of the kids will have some sort of access. Also, I plan to give the students the task and allow them to use the technology or means that they choose to use, albeit iPad, smart phone, laptop, tablet or the old favorite textbook!

I am serving on the iPad initiative committee and my big question to our principal was how is this going to work with limited access. His explanation was really quite simple, the iPad is just an option. He said that in observing at a pilot ipad school, he observed a classroom where the teacher gave instruction and a task and the kids were going about accomplishing that task it many different ways! This made so much sense to me! It allows the teachers to individualize the students learning! What an achievable concept now! Can’t wait to get started!

That’s all for now! iPad training update forthcoming! It was awesome! Au Revoir! LAP


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