Audacity and training

Audacity: I know our school has a program called Audacity that is on all the computers in the language lab, but I still don’t know how to even sign up for the lab or use the program.  However, one of the Spanish teachers at my school is following our blog (awesome!), and she gave me the link to Audacity on the web.  Turns out you can download it for free!  I’m not sure yet if it will work on the iPad, but I’m excited to know I have it on my Mac so I can practice with it.  I downloaded it and successfully recorded something, but that’s all I’ve done so far.  LAP is going to love this!  Here’s the link (which I also have on my Links page):

Training:  Tomorrow I will be attending iPad training at our system’s central office with other teachers from my school.  Mostly I’m excited about seeing my colleagues who I’ve missed all summer.  I’m pretty good on the iPad as far as turning it on, downloading apps, and getting on the internet, but I’m sure I’ll learn something useful!!  The training is being led by Apple people.  Will update soon.

DMR out.


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