WordPress on the iPad

DMR here.

Since our students know how to do so much of this stuff on any kind of device, I’m getting out of my comfort zone and blogging from the iPad. I do know that Flash is required to run all types of programs on Apple devices, so I looked to my old friend Google for some advice. Turns out there are several apps for blogging on an iPad, but I’ve used WordPress before, so that’s why I chose to download it (for free!). Although it is very easy to write and edit posts, I haven’t figured out how to change the theme or background pictures from the app, so I’m still double device-ing right now (a term I have just invented to describe having two devices open and active at the same time.).

I’m going back to my mention of apps. Apps are awesome, but if our students only have Angry Birds downloaded, I think it’s fair to say we’ve missed the mark. So what kind of apps do LAP and I want our students of French to have at the ready for our classes? It is hard for us to answer this question because we still are talking about what we want our students to do.

We talked about wanting our students to be able to record their voices and be able to then send that file to us. We want our students to be able to listen to native speakers, so we want to find the best podcasts and etc for that to happen. We want our students to read different types of texts. We want them to have a visual of cultural differences in the francophone world. We want them to write in French. We want them not to play Angry Birds in class.

We realize that apps aren’t the only answer, but how do we narrow it down? Where are the other French teachers who are doing this? Or other foreign language teachers for that matter? What do they want there students to do?

Here’s a picture of my other open device taken from the iPad. The only reason for this picture is to practice adding photos to posts.


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