Blogging about our conversations about tech.

Our school is so fortunate to be going forward with its iPad and BYOD initiative, but we have to admit that we will be learning right along side our students! This blog will serve as a place for us (we shall be called LAP and DMR) to reflect on our experiences teaching French in the digital age.

Yesterday, a Sunday I might add, LAP texted me to see if I would like to join her at the school to talk briefly about our summer PD experiences and also to do a little before school purging of all of the stuff that manages to pile up somehow. I agreed because I am so excited to share with her what I gained from my conferences, and I also wanted to start moving my office out of the teachers lounge and into my new desk in the floating teachers office.

LAP told me she is part of our school’s iPad committee and has been to some meetings with our administration about what to do with these awesome pieces of tech. What I am understanding from LAP about her big take away from these meetings is that we the teachers need to incorporate the tech into our classroom so that our students are doing something with it. So what do we want them to do? That’s kind of where we are right now.

So LAP and I decided to create this blog where we can record our process. Sometimes I (DMR) will write, and sometimes LAP will write, but we’ll both be discussing and reflecting as we not only to try to teach our students some French, but to do it while integrating technology in a meaningful way in our classroom.

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